The Industry

Naked Foods Organic Health Food is promoting a healthier lifestyle. We are ambassadors of eating well and feeding your body the nutrition it deserves, while treading lightly on the planet. We are surrounded by a dedicated community of people who share these values. We just so happen to be a part of an industry that has been growing stronger, year by year. The Naked Foods Industry in on the rise.

The health food and organic industries are growing business sectors where there is a sustainable demand for raw and ethically sourced products.

The most recent Australian Organic Market Report has outlined just how much the organic food sector has been growing. The value of organic certified food, cosmetics and household products has reached over $1.72 billion. This is a 15.4 percent growth rate since 2009.

With all of the numbers and technicalities aside, our business is about more than meeting a national demand – it’s about creating a healthier community, without the gimmicks. As a franchisee you’ll be joining a business that is riding a rising industry. You’ll be able to go to work each day to work in an industry that you enjoy, with the knowledge that you’re helping people to live a healthier life.