The Naked Experience

Naked Foods

They’re scattered around the globe. Small growers, processors and artisans. They work their magic in wondrous ways to produce some of the best organic products you can find.  We have secure relationships with our suppliers and we treat them well to keep the best goods coming in.

The Naked Tribe

We treat all customers like family with familiar and attentive service.  At Naked Foods the customer comes first. Our community is made up of people just like us. They’re quinoa warriors, passionate about their health and the wellbeing. We owe them an amazing experience, each and every time they choose to visit a Naked Foods Health Foods store.

As health ambassadors, we know our stuff. We’re not only retailers, our role is to educate our communities and convert them to the Naked way of life.

We learn about each of our products and use this knowledge to help our customers on their health journey.

The Naked Foods brand is known for our fantastic products and exceptional service and the ‘Naked Experience’. We work hard to make sure that we maintain that image and continue to lift expectations for what we can provide.  We expect that each of our franchisee represent the Naked Foods with the enthusiasm for our products and the drive to continue to learn more about health, organic foods and our unique Naked offering.