A restaurateur once said to me, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” In most cases, he would be right, but I would have to contest one night in particular…

It was after midnight when Daniel Wilson and myself were sitting in our very new, soon to be one hatted, restaurant, Huxtable, watching the  colourful Smith Street goers flock to a modest kebab shop next door.  As the new kids on the block in Collingwood and with the paint barely dry on the Huxtable walls, we laughed about the idea of starting a burger shop on Smith Street. It was then we set ourselves a new goal – to make the best burgers in Melbourne. We got to work the very next day.

With our sights firmly set, we asked ourselves, “How will we achieve our goal? How can we set ourselves apart and do something great?” We came up with a precise list of five key points:

1. Keep the burgers simple
2. Start with the best and freshest ingredients
3. Make burgers that make you feel good afterwards not ‘guilty’.
4. Apply our restaurant knowledge to the burger world and raise the bar
5. Smash out tasty burgers with love and offer an awesome beer to wash them down.


our values


We own taste and we want to inspire people through flavour.


We bring heart and personality to the table.


We started Melbourne’s burger craze back in 2011, and we intend to keep pushing the burger boundaries.

Make Noise

We’re driven by ideas. We’re not interested in fitting in. We set the pace and shake things up.


setting the scene

Since opening in 2011, we’ve become a culinary icon in Melbourne. Reviews and interviews have poured in from media hub’s such as Broadsheet Melbourne, Studio 10, and Good Food Australia solidifying Huxtaburger as the hero of the burger scene. Our food credentials alone are what’s driving our success. Our burgers are known for their quality meat and fresh ingredients. One bite and you’ll be hungry for more!

Our Huxtacrew are at the heart of what we do.

They ensure our Huxtamers get the same experience each and every time. We carefully consider every crew member we welcome into the fold because they’re an extension of the Huxtafamily.

After the success of our current 5 locations, we’re ready to expand our Huxtatribe! The demand for Huxtaburger has naturally driven our growing business. We decided to franchise so we could open our door to find awesome new talent. We want people who share our vision.

We want real people who have determination, a passion for flavour, and an understanding of Melbourne’s dynamic and fast-paced food scene.

Hospitality Magazine recently spoke to our General Manager, Matt Fickling, about our plans to grow the business. Check out their article, ‘The Huxtaburger Hustle.”

huxtaburger roll


how we roll

We’re all about sharing our knowledge and passion for food with you. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training program, to help you with everything from business development and setting KPI’s to achieving growth. There will be three phases in the program. In each phase, you’ll spend some time in:

· Our Support Office

· An existing store

· Your own store for on-site training

We’ll walk you through the day-to-day responsibilities of operating your own Huxtaburger franchise, and show you how to:

· Use equipment

·  Prepare and style food

·  Manage your Huxtacrew

·  Conduct marketing activity

·  Present your store

We will provide coaching sessions and catch ups to ensure you are on track and continuing to improve. You will leave the program feeling confident to run your own Huxtaburger. Your success is our success too — we’re all partners in the Huxtamovement!

huxtaburger roll


word up

Huxtaburger changed the burger scene in Melbourne. We believe in what our burgers have to offer and want everyone else to as well. Marketing is a big part of our business and franchise program; it’s the way we continue to build the Huxtahype.

We seek out every opportunity and jump at the chance to make our mark.

Partnering with world-famous events, such as The Australian Open, gives us a chance to serve-up our signature burgers to both local and international customers. These opportunities build our brand awareness – the bigger the Huxtaburger brand, the bigger the franchise program.

The advantage of becoming a Huxtaburger partner is that you will have full access to our brand identity and marketing materials.

Our dedicated marketing team will provide you with support, as well as a localised marketing pack to help you grow your customer base.

We encourage you to utilise the brand and marketing materials we supply to ensure consistency with our existing marketing messages. Your training will include marketing and store presentation to help you create branding materials independently and effectively.




We are looking for people who are passionate about owning their own business and are ready to take Huxtaburger to the next level!

If we’re going to show you how to make the best burgers in Melbourne, we need to know that you really want it.

You don’t have to be a chef but you do have to be willing to get your hands dirty. Authenticity and straightforwardness are what sets you apart, and you’re experience in running a business has led you to this next step.



Establishment Costs

Owning a Huxtaburger starts from $550,000. This includes your initial training, store fit out, as well as assistance with site selection and lease negotiation.

We will support you in opening your Huxtaburger franchise through promotion and marketing, and will continue to provide marketing support and administrative assistance. There will be a 1% marketing levy, and a 6% ongoing royalty fee. The franchise agreement is for 5 years, with an option for a further 5 years.

huxtaburger apply


Own taste and become a Huxtaburger partner.