Training and Ongoing Support

By November 9, 2014Franchisee Benefits

Running your new Aussie Mobile Vet franchise business is made easy with our comprehensive introductory training programme. This will leave you feeling confident and capable of running your own business, from performing veterinary procedures to taking care of administration and managing client relationships. Our excellent business model will allow you to grow a successful business, and our initial training will show you how to do this.

Our induction training programme is designed to prepare you for operating as a franchisee, ensuring you are confident with the systems and operations unique to Aussie Mobile Vet. You will be introduced to our operational procedures, technologies and veterinary equipment. We will give you the rundown on products and medications we use, and our partner hospitals and surgical units that you will be in contact with when providing referrals.

Carrying out your job as a veterinarian can be a bit different in a mobile setting, so our training programme will teach you how to operate from your specially designed van clinic. We will also introduce you to common situations you will face as a mobile vet. From performing compassionate euthanasia services at a client’s home, to operating as an emergency transport vehicle to hospitals or surgical units, to providing customer care services such as sending out sympathy cards or reminders – life as an Aussie Mobile Vet will be challenging, yet very rewarding. We will equip you and empower you to build a truly successful business. The programme will include training from our head office, as well as on the job in an Aussie Mobile Vet van.

Our training will also cover the business side of Aussie Mobile Vet, including the behind the scenes work such as management, end of day finalisation and stock control. Client management is important in your role as a mobile vet, so we will train you in offering reminder systems, callback protocols and distribution of sympathy cards. Our head office will also provide ongoing support through regular tips to help grow your business, update computer systems and improve performance. We will keep you updated on new products and provide training so you know how to use all the tools and equipment provided for you. Our head office team are always only a phone call away, so you can be assured you are fully supported as an Aussie Mobile Vet.