Product and Service Offering

By November 9, 2014Franchisee Benefits

At Aussie Mobile Vet we offer a complete, professional mobile veterinary service. Our mobile service provides clients with a professional, experienced vet at their doorstep, complete with a mobile consultation room and pharmacy onboard their specially designed van. Our fully fitted out van design allows you to operate as a veterinarian without any restrictions or limitations imposed by the mobile environment. You will feel and work as if you are in your own clinic. Diagnostic tests and procedures are easier, and prescribing medication is convenient as we can stock it onboard your mobile clinic.

Our customers come to us because of our unique, reliable and convenient at-home vet services. Aussie Mobile Vet offers a range of vet services including consultation, vaccinations, heartworm injection, health checks, microchip implantation, nail clipping, anal gland expression, nutritional advice, dental checks, pathology service, specialist referral, euthanasia, tick and flea control, insurance processing, veterinary pet supplies, blood testing and urine testing. Our vans also act as an Emergency Transport Vehicle with easy, stress free transportation to veterinary hospitals. Aussie Mobile Vet has strong partnerships with many vet hospitals and emergency centres, for smooth referrals and transfers to any specialist or surgical clinics.

Aussie Mobile Vet vans are equipped with an inbuilt pharmacy offering a wide selection of drugs including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and vaccinations. We have an inbuilt fridge to store your temperature sensitive drugs, and our computer systems allow you to track your product sales and pricing. Vets will also be given some options to stock different drugs depending on their clientele demand. With easy access to a wide variety of medication, food, supplements and preventative products from our head office, ordering is easy and quick. We have partnerships with suppliers and hospitals, allowing you to access all the medication you need.

For new franchisees we offer the option to order smaller quantities as needed. You can keep stock levels low to avoid wastage by using the unique ordering system through our head office. As your business grows we offer low cost bulk buying savings. Our head office sources our products and medications from a variety of suppliers to ensure we get the best quality for the lowest prices for our vets. We do the hard work of price checking and ‘shopping around’ so our vets can concentrate on their veterinary work and growing the business.