Operations and Systems

By November 9, 2014Franchisee Benefits

If granted an Aussie Mobile Vet franchise, you will be given access to a fully functional and proven Mobile Vet Model that works. Over the past 3-4 years we have developed and honed our operations and systems based on our operating mobile vet vans, and these have been proven and tested regularly for improvements. Strong economic data from our actual functioning mobile units ensure you can be confident that the figures are achievable and the potential for building a successful business is real.

You are in a fantastic position to benefit from following our proven business model. Not only do we have years of experience as qualified veterinarians, we know how to make this business work in a mobile setting. Our operating systems have been custom designed to work in a van environment. Using up to date mobile technology, everything from our computer systems to payment processing runs easily and smoothly in your Aussie Mobile Vet van. Our functional and easy to use cloud based systems also enable you to work from any location, including your home.

As an Aussie Mobile Vet franchisee you will be provided with a comprehensive Operations Manual that will allow first-time veterinary business owners to settle into the business quickly and smoothly. We ensure that everything you need to run your mobile vet business is all at your fingertips, so you can start running your business from day one. We guide you step by step through every part of your mobile vet clinic, from note-taking, reminders, billing, callbacks, emails and emergency situations.

For many veterinarians, owning your own veterinary business can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Our systems and operations allow you to feel confident in running your mobile clinic and help you understand every aspect from daily tasks, to monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks to help your business function effectively. We take the hard work out of running your own business and make it easy to follow and understand your systems so that you can concentrate on growing your business and providing a quality veterinary service.