With access to our professional marketing materials, you will be supported in growing and promoting your Aussie Mobile Vet franchise business. We will equip you with all the vital ingredients to successfully market your mobile vet business. There is a strong brand awareness attached to the Aussie Mobile Vet name, as our brand and the vets that work behind it have built up a strong reputation and trust amongst our customers.

You will enjoy the benefits of working under an established and professionally respected brand and identity, with use of our brand name, logo, and branded van and uniforms. You will also have access to a range of marketing materials, including custom designed stationery to supply your clients with, and collateral such as vaccination cards, reminders and puppy/kitten promotional material. Running your business will be made easier with regular reminders from head office to send your patients updates and promotional newsletters, all branded under the Aussie Mobile Vet name so they know who to call when it is time for their next appointment.

As a franchisee you will enjoy the benefits of our integrated marketing campaigns across the web and social media, and any statewide or nationwide marketing. These campaigns will benefit all franchisees by driving brand awareness and bringing you new customers and patients. You will also be given a dedicated page on our website to feature more about your own unique Aussie Mobile Vet business. You have the option to highlight any key features of your vet clinic van, and give customers an idea of how you operate and what your specialities are.

Your greatest promotional tool will be your Aussie Mobile Vet branded vehicle, with specially designed advertising graphics and branding. This will be completely fitted out with state-of-the-art veterinary technologies and systems. You will receive regular advertising material for promotional health focus months and essential tools and support material to assist with local area marketing. Our marketing support allows you to focus on doing your job and building customer relationships, while we work on promoting the brand.