The Veterinary Industry

By November 9, 2014Franchisee Benefits

Having worked as veterinarians for over 10 years, we have grown our understanding and experience in the veterinary industry. We have run our own vet clinic, serviced thousands of pets, and have noticed a growing need in the industry. With many of our clients leading increasingly busy lifestyles – some with young families, some being older clients who find it difficult bringing their pets in – we became aware that a quality mobile veterinary service was needed.

While a vet that comes to your house is not a new concept, we know that this service has previously encountered limitations and restrictions. Our aim is to provide a complete service, with our vans fitted out to function as effectively as a veterinary clinic. Aussie Mobile Vet combines this great service with an excellent customer care culture, so that our clients experience the benefit of an at-home service that meets their needs completely.

Our business model and design is unique. We have particular vets and vans that cover certain areas, so our clients always deal with the same vet. They feel as though they have their very own personal vet who visits them at their house. This is a much-needed service that is lacking, as many clients require this kind of vet experience to suit their lifestyle. As an Aussie Mobile Vet franchisee, you will benefit greatly from a strong need in the veterinary services market. Our services are in demand, and we have received a positive reception from clients who prefer to have the vet come to their homes.

Aussie Mobile Vet has built up a strong reputation within the veterinary industry. Our company offers a one-of-a-kind professional and mobile-only dedicated service. With a strong relationship established with many of the emergency and specialist veterinary hospitals, our vans are recommended and used by many of the clinics across Sydney as an emergency transport ambulance. Aussie Mobile Vet offers a quality mobile vet service with professionalism. With low competition and our unique design, our business has grown quickly and become the new popular way for clients to see the vet.