Aussie Mobile Vet has been operating since 2012, and over the last 3 years we have noticed a hugely positive reception to our services. A lot of our clients are young working couples or families who find our service efficient, easy and flexible enough to fit with their busy schedules. Mums with young children especially appreciate us coming to them, as it means they can avoid having to drag their baby or young toddler to the vet with them. Older clients with no transport or difficulty getting to the vet also find Aussie Mobile Vet suits them.

As an Aussie Mobile Vet, you will probably see a lot of multi-pet households. People with more than one animal, or several kinds of pets, benefit from our competitive service, as we only charge one travel fee for all animals in the household, and also offer a multi-animal discount savings. This works well for vaccinations or puppy litters, and is a stress-free, easy way for clients to get the veterinary service they need.

We can work with a range of animals with a range of conditions. A lot of our work is with adult and geriatric pets who may experience anxiety or stress, or display aggression when going to the vet or travelling. Geriatric pets who don’t deal well with stress are much easier to handle at home, and we can perform diagnostic blood test collection, which can be much less stressful in a mobile veterinary setting. We also deal with a lot of puppies and kittens, as there is a reduced likelihood of them contracting a disease in our mobile vet setting than in a busy veterinary clinic.

We find that many of our customers have a strong attachment to their pets. As a franchisee, you can build rapport by getting to know your clients and their pets, calling them by name and showing interest in them. It is easy to build a loyal customer base by doing this, and keeping up contact by sending through reminders and sympathy cards. One of the difficult jobs we must deal with is euthanasia. For some clients this can be a very painful and difficult time, and we must make this as easy and stress-free as possible. We really care about giving animals the best end of life experience. Following this up with a sympathy card a few days later is a beautiful way of keeping contact with the client and showing them that we care.